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Monday, June 20, 2011

Foreign Policy names Andrew Mwenda as one ofthe top 100 most influential users on Twitter.

A who's who of the foreign-policy Twitter verse in 2011.


These days, everyone from the Dalai Lama to Bill Gates is on Twitter, the microblogging platform founded in 2006. During breaking news events like the death of Osama bin Laden or for following the Arab uprisings, it's become an invaluable tool for keeping up to speed. But for many, it's still just another place to promote their own work, rather than engaging in a more natural give-and-take. So how do you tell who's really worth following? FP's got you covered. Here are 100 Twitter users from around the world who will make you smarter, infuriate you, and delight you -- 140 characters at a time.






Danny Ayalon (@DannyAyalon) — Deputy foreign minister of Israel.

Carl Bildt (@carlbildt) — Swedish foreign minister and one of the most candid diplomats around.

Husain Haqqani (@husainhaqqani) — Pakistani ambassador to the United States; fierce advocate of tolerance and healthy bilateral relations.

Stephen Harper (@pmharper) — Prime minister of Canada; prefers overtime to shootouts when breaking an ice-hockey stalemate.

Boris Johnson (@MayorOfLondon) — London's outspoken and colorful mayor; Telegraph columnist.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir (@birgittaj) — Member of the Icelandic parliament; outspoken WikiLeaks supporter.

Paul Kagame (@PaulKagame) — President of Rwanda and Twitter fanatic.

Khalid Al Khalifa (@khalidalkhalifa) — Foreign minister of Bahrain.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen (@AndersFoghR) — Secretary-general of NATO.

Dmitry Rogozin (@DRogozin) — Russian ambassador to NATO; says the darnedest things.

Alec Ross (@AlecJRoss) — Senior advisor for innovation in the office of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Alexander Stubb (@alexstubb) — Finnish minister for Europe and trade; peace enthusiast.

Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) — Indian politician and former undersecretary-general at the United Nations.


C. Christine Fair (@CChristineFair) — Georgetown University assistant professor, dog lover, and sharp-tongued South Asia expert.

Henry Foy (@HenryJFoy) — New Delhi-based correspondent for Reuters.

Mohammed Hanif (@mohammedhanif) — Brilliant Pakistani novelist.

Huma Imtiaz (@HumaImtiaz) — Pakistani journalist based in Washington, D.C.

Saad Mohseni (@saadmohseni) — Afghan-Australian media tycoon based in Dubai.

Nitin Pai (@acorn) — Indian blogger and editor of Pragati -- the Indian National Interest Review.

Arif Rafiq (@pakistanpolicy) — Pakistani-American analyst, consultant, and blogger based in New York.

Nahal Toosi (@nahaltoosi) — Associated Press correspondent in Islamabad.

Declan Walsh (@declanwalsh) — AfPak correspondent for the Guardian.

Omar Waraich (@OmarWaraich) — Freelance journalist based in Islamabad.

Mosharraf Zaidi (@mosharrafzaidi) — Pakistani newspaper columnist and development consultant; Maple Leafs fanatic.


Issandr El Amrani (@arabist) — Writer and analyst based in Cairo.

Aluf Benn (@alufbenn) — Editor and columnist for Haaretz.

Andy Carvin (@acarvin) — Senior strategist at NPR and curator par excellence of the Arab Spring.

Martin Chulov (@martinchulov) — Middle East correspondent for the Guardian.

Golnaz Esfandiari (@GEsfandiari) — Iran reporter and blogger for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, based in Washington, D.C.

Kevin Flower (@KMFlower) — Jerusalem bureau chief for CNN.

Amira Al Husseini (@JustAmira) — Cat-loving Middle East editor for Global Voices, based in Bahrain.

Hussein Ibish (@Ibishblog) — Blogger and senior research fellow for the American Task Force on Palestine.

Gregory D. Johnsen (@gregorydjohnsen) — Yemen expert at Princeton University.

Dalia Mogahed (@DMogahed) — Cairo-born director of the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center and Gallup Center for Muslim Studies.

Eman Al Nafjan (@Saudiwoman) — Saudi Arabia's most prominent female blogger.

Ahmed Al Omran (@ahmed) — The original Saudi blogger; recent Columbia School of Journalism graduate.

Mina Al-Oraibi (@AlOraibi) — Reporter for the pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat.

Sultan Al Qassemi (@SultanAlQassemi) — Prominent Emirati columnist, investor, and art aficionado; go-to source for breaking news from the Arab world.

Shmuel Rosner (@rosnersdomain) — Editor and columnist for the Jerusalem Post.

Mahmoud Salem (@Sandmonkey) — Foul-mouthed Egyptian revolutionary blogger and son of a former ruling-party parliamentarian, based in Cairo.

Yigal Schleifer (@YigalSchleifer) — Turkey correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor.

Lara Setrakian (@Lara) — Reporter for Bloomberg and ABC News. Currently based in Dubai.

Brian Whitaker (@Brian_Whit) — Middle East editor for the Guardian and a keen analyst of regional politics and trends.

Ben Wedeman (@bencnn) — Roving Middle East correspondent for CNN; first Western reporter to enter Libya during the uprising.


Scott Baldauf (@baldaufji) — Africa bureau chief for the Christian Science Monitor.

Ian Birrell (@ianbirrell) — Former deputy editor at the Independent and David Cameron speechwriter; now a columnist and the co-founder of Africa Express music project.

Howard French (@hofrench) — Former New York Times correspondent in Africa and China.

Rebecca Hamilton (@bechamilton) — Sudan correspondent and author of Fighting for Darfur.

Andrew Mwenda (@AndrewMwenda) — Managing editor of Uganda's Independent magazine; aid critic.

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